For what benefit?

For rehabilitating the pleasure to succeed, to create a belief by reinforcing in your memory the fact to be able to successfully enter the good shots, For this you need to master your internal States and generate positive mental.


The strategy of performance presents 3 phases; the preparation, action and reaction.

Preparation: it is recognition of the course and the programming of the unconscious through visualization (including in the warm-up and work to the practice) ex: you program the unconscious through visualization to program the game plan.

Action: it is the routine of the swing which must bring confidence. For that we must teach in positiver: ex: when you succeed a good shot keep printed in your memory this image, that feeling that you can remember when you need to make a similar move. Let overwhelmed you by the positive emotion that accompanies it (pleasure, pride, satisfaction) and mark the occasion (made a gesture or say a word or two). This reflex conditioning that you create you will be used for the following shots: it's what JP Vaillant calls a positive anchor. (read his book: "the mind to score")

The reaction or the post routines allow you to create anchors positive and avoid all this mental negative which waste your score card and your games. When the shot is good, mark it emotionally and physically.; When the blow is average, find something positive. When the blow is bad, intellectualisez it.

In conclusion: the mind is like the swing: it works. Golf, we all know the importance of the psychic: come learn with us to control your mind.

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